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Industrial wipes (cleaning rags) are manufactured from second-hand disinfected clothing. Manufacturing process removes buttons, zippers and similar items. The wipes are then sorted, cut (40X40 cm), pressed and packed into polyethylene bags.


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Industrial wipes (cleaning rags) are used in industrial, trade, motor, railway, shipping companies, as well as printing houses, furniture manufacturing undertakings, car workshops and other similar undertakings. Wipes can be used for a number of purposes, such as cleaning of installations at a plant (casts, underground reservoirs, etc.), cleaning of printing machines at a printing house, cleaning of items before varnishing or painting at furniture manufacturers, cleaning of dirty surfaces at a car workshop, etc.

Industrial wipes provide great absorption of various liquids, oil products, and are indispensable for cleaning of difficult to access, uneven and rough surfaces.

If professionally selected, industrial wipes may help solve a number of cleaning problems arising during production process or work which cannot be solved by using paper, specialty wipes or other cleaning tools.

We offer a selection of 12 types of industrial wipes packed in 5kg, 10 kg, or 25 kg.


About us


The main area of activity performed by UAB “Davil” – wholesale trade in industrial wipes, paper towels, hand cleaning paste, engine coolant and various oils. We are the leaders among those who sell industrial wipes on the Lithuanian market. Our customers are the biggest industrial, construction, transport, shipping and other companies. The professional expertise of our employees developed within a number of years makes it possible for us to accurately select and offer the products, which meet our customers’ demands. We continuously improve the quality of our services,  our products are delivered anywhere in Lithaunia within the shortest possible period of time and the comments and wishes expressed by our customers are taken into consideration with due urgency.

We are also involved in the export of the industrial wipes to various eastern and western European countries for a number of years already. We constantly search the new trade partners abroad, who could be offered high quality products for the attractive price.